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We also announced the launch of ADP retirement trust services to support our growing retirement services business. Standing up our own trust services entity demonstrates our scale and commitment to our retirement clients, positioning us on par with financial industry leaders and ahead of HCM competitors that rely on third parties. This commitment can really matter to financial advisors, keeps data within ADP’s trusted ecosystem, and provides a cost and price benefit to ADP and our clients over the long term.

  1. Well, I mean, you also – so, no, I don’t think there’s a big opportunity there.
  2. We know this based on our results and record NPS.
  3. By the way, that business has been executing incredibly well really for many, many quarters.
  4. So, it’s not a change in our investment strategy at all.
  5. Maybe just wanted to start off on some trends that we’ve seen so far in the selling season.

Overall, we reported a strong second quarter, with our consolidated revenue growth moderating in line with our expectations, and our adjusted EBIT margin coming in slightly better than expected. However, the interest rate backdrop has changed since we last provided our full-year outlook, and we are lightly tweaking our outlook, which I’ll detail. ES segment revenue increased 8% on a reported basis, and 7% on an organic constant currency basis, coming in slightly ahead of our expectations. As Maria shared, we continue to grow our ES new business bookings, resulting in a record second quarter bookings volume. Our small business portfolio and international business provided outsized growth contributions this quarter. And with a steady HCM demand environment and healthy pipelines, we feel on track for our 4% to 7% new business bookings growth outlook for the year.

But I could be avoiding some of 2024’s biggest potholes. Hey, good morning, and congratulations on all the accolades that you’ve gotten from the third-party reviewers. I’m wondering if you can talk a little bit about some of the initiatives.

We offer these findings as a unique contribution to making the world of work better and more productive by delivering actionable insights to the economy at large. So, just a multipart question on PEO and following up on some of the commentary earlier on solid bookings and moderating PPC, sorry, paper control headwinds. As we look at the WSC growth, we have continued to see a sequential improvement there, better than what we saw last year.

Make sure employees are paid on time and accurately.

We had good bookings in the mid-market. So, I think the mid-market is solid and certainly not getting any easier for our clients to be employers in the mid-market. As it relates to the international space, I think I covered that already, so I won’t touch much adpwor more on international, but a good Q2 on the heels of a good Q1. And then in our enterprise and upmarket space, this is an area that has normally, I think it’s kind of the new normal on longer deal cycles that have more individuals involved in those cycles.

People & Culture

We said we would go to – we’d be 1% to 2% for the year, and we certainly have that 1% to 2% range still in the back half. We’re not really anticipating any slowdown in pays per control, but we certainly have it built in. So, perhaps we’re a little bit conservative there. But as we sit here today, the employment demand continues to be robust, although still declining somewhat, but I think we’re confident that in the back half, we’re going to be declining a little bit, but still coming in on that 1% to 2% range for the year. Not really much more to say there other than employment demand, labor markets continue to be maybe a bit softer than they were, but as we saw this morning in our NER report, hirings still out there, still good growth.

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Injuries are going to cause plenty of attrition at the position, and plain disappointment will fall on a few others. We’re witnessing a changing of the guard at the catcher position, and it might be fundamentally changing the way Fantasy Baseball players have to approach the position in 2024 and beyond. We have time for one last question, and that question comes from Ashish Sabadra with RBC Capital Markets. Thank you again for all that you do for ADP and for our clients. Midsize establishments, with between 50 and 499 employees, led job creation, adding 61,000.

That definitely was behind the decline quarter-to-quarter. So, we are expecting 2% to 3% balanced growth throughout the balance of the year. I think the big callout though on the whole CFI program is just the fact that since we spoke last, five-year and 10-year interest rates are down about 80 bps on both of those. And so, I think that’s a little bit of the headwind and that’s roughly the $20 million or so that we’re calling down the float number for the balance of the year. But still very optimistic about growth. So, those would be the major influencers, if you will, to the full balance as we go forward to the back half.

How do you think they’ll end up reacting? Companies added 107,000 workers in the first month of 2024, off from the downwardly revised 158,000 in December and below the Dow Jones estimate for 150,000, according to the payrolls processing firm. Of course, we’ve said that before, and it’s worth remembering that, while progress is never linear for young players at any position, that is more true at catcher than anywhere else.

So, said differently, our intention is not to charge to make things easier for our clients to do business. That is our commitment to our clients, always has been, is to make it as easy as possible to process payroll, to have accurate payrolls. And so, it’s not a monetization effort as it stands.

There will also be gains in sales and retention that will lead, in my mind, to investments that are proven today in GenAI to drive incremental bookings and retention over the long term. So, I think it’s about putting a dollar in today with the belief that it will yield many dollars of margin to come, if you will, as well as bookings, et cetera. The ADP National Employment Report is an independent measure and high-frequency view of the private-sector labor market based on actual, anonymized payroll data of more than 25 million U.S. employees. Appreciate the question and appreciate your well wishes on all of our recognition. Certainly excited to see across the board the recognition we mentioned during the prepared remarks, but also the continued momentum across all of our initiatives.

So, that said, as Don mentioned, we’re not satisfied. I think there’s more opportunity to us to scale and grow our beyond payroll offerings, partnerships that are a big piece of that, but undoubtedly, we’re performing and competing very, very well internationally. We’ve been happy to see the stabilization in the pays per control in those sectors, the financial services and technology sector.

So, not a lot of extra color, I don’t think, to add around pays per control. If I may, one of the things, I think what Don is suggesting is really the opportunity we have with international. And so, when you put it in the context of the business that we have in the US there, there is a tremendous opportunity for us to think more broadly in international partnerships as the one Don just outlined with Convera, is a big piece of that. What I would also add is that from an international perspective, we did call out the performance specifically in Q2 on international.

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